Clashes in Tripoli on halt as Bashagha's Misrata forces withdraw 

Clashes in Tripoli on halt as Bashagha's Misrata forces withdraw 

August 27, 2022 - 22:11
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

Tripoli downtown clashes stopped Saturday evening after forces of the Government of National Unity (GNU) had taken control of the last foothold of forces loyal to Fathi Bashagha's government and captured some of their leaders in the Old City area.

Over the evening hours, clashes in Tripoli calmed a bit after what was described by sources to The Libya Observer as "the ambush" of Stability Support Apparatus and Special Deterrence Force (SDF - Radaa) of the GNU against Haythem Al-Tajouri's forces and Nawasi Force - loyal to Bashagha - where they made it look like they had withdrawn from Al-Tajouri's main headquarters and when they returned, the forces ringed them in and seized all headquarters.

An armed group loyal to Bashagha set off from Misrata in east of the capital to Tripoli to take off some of the pressure on their fellow forces in the capital but the Constitution Support Force and Joint Operations Room of the GNU thwarted them and conducted clashes in Zliten city, which made them return to Misrata.

Meanwhile, GNU forces also managed to seize Bridge 17 in west Tripoli from Bashagha-loyal forces, but sources close to latter in Wershigfana and Al-Zawiya said there could be a withdrawal and then peaceful negotiations with GNU forces.

Pro-Bashagha Major General Osama Juweili's forces are now left with south Tripoli though they were hit by drones and by military forces loyal to the GNU in more than one axis, leading to exhaustion especially that they were waiting for reinforcements and support from Misrata.

The death toll of the Tripoli clashes increased in the evening to 13 and 98 injuries: 38 of whom left the hospital after receiving treatment, according to the Health Ministry.