NOC declares force majeure in more oil ports

NOC declares force majeure in more oil ports

July 01, 2022 - 11:15
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The National Oil Corporation has declared a state of force majeure in more oil ports on the oil ports of Al Sidra and Ras Lanuf in addition to Al-Feel oil field.

The step comes after the expiry of 72 hours deadline given to oil blockaders to reopen the oil fields and ports and the loss of more than 16 billion Libyan dinars as a result to the closures.

A state of force majeure on the ports of Brega and Zueitina is still continuing, as oil blockers loyal to warlord Haftar and Bashagha government refuse to reopen the fields.

Supply of natural gas to the power stations of Zuetina, North Benghazi, and Sarir, will stop as the production of crude oil is linked to gas from the fields of the Waha and Mellitah companies, disrupting supply of natural gas through the coast line.

“Today, we are facing more than ever before, a formidable challenge such as our inability to cover the needs of vital facilities in the country with fuel, and exchanging crude oil from the available production for liquid fuel is at stake as a result of the sharp decline in production,” Sanallah said.